Since Jan 2011

Valentina Nedeva

Zumba fitness insructor

I'm Valentina and I teach Zumba classes in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Zumba is my inspiration and my passion. It combines all my favorite dance styles, energy, emotion, fitness and at least it's the most effective and fun workout.
I'm  completely dedicated to the Zumba life spirit and to all my students :)
I'm working in cooporation with other Zumba instructors (ZINs) at MVJ studio. We are organising a lot of Zumba events like Zumba parties and marathons. We have been a hosts of Zumba instructor training in 2012 with ZES Hermann Melo at MVJ studio.
Zumba became a way of living after I finished my competitive career in Dance sport. As a dancer I had a very good success - first place in Bulgarian Latin dance cup, third place in 10 dances (Latin and Ballroom) Bulgarian championship in 2006 and in the end I toke a part in TV shows like Dancing with the stars Bulgaria as a professional dancer. I also graduated National sports academy like a Dance sport teacher, physical educator and Sport journalist.